Eshan Sharma

Eshan Sharma was born in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh on 20th June, 2000 and grew up in Kanpur. Ever since his childhood he is an avid reader which motivated him to focus on his expressions and penning it down. It is not only his hobby but also his passion to write. He is an author, blogger, writer, and poet, student of the University of Delhi who can write in both English and Hindi. He enjoys learning foreign languages as well as Indian regional languages. He has also written many essays and articles for many competitions. He enjoys participating in competitions regardless of winning. School magazines gave him the platform for writing. He started writing from the age of 11; his first poem was on his grandmother. He generally writes poems in Hindi as he think that the beauty in words can be expressed in one’s own language. He is a jovial, carefree and fun loving person. His self-belief and selfless attitude are just few good points about him. He firmly believes that if our country wants to be developed we have to make certain changes in our education system, and youth personality development. Eshan Sharma has written articles for UNICEF's online youth writing platform Voices of Youth and Youth ki Aawaz. He is a columnist in Australia's most read Indian magazine DesiAustralia. He has received the National Book Honor Award in 2017 and his book ranked third globally in TCK Publishing Reader's Choice Award. According to one of the most famous literary website SpectralHues, Eshan is one of the most promising writers in India.